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Tessa's artistic education includes a Figurative Painting Diploma from Heatherleys completed in 2002, following a Pure Mathematics Degree from Exeter University and a previous career as a Japanese Fund Manager in London and Tokyo. In Autumn 2014 she moved to New York where she is doing a Masters in Fine Art at the New York Academy of Art.

Since 2002 she has exhibited widely in exhibitions including the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the Threadneedle Art Prize, the Lynn Painter Stainers Prize, and the New English Art Club Annual Exhibitions. In 2010 she was elected to membership of the New English Art Club after being awarded the NEAC's Cecil Jospe Prize in 2009. 

'My work is done from preparatory drawings and direct from life, and in that sense all my paintings are ‘portraits’ whatever the subject matter happens to be. Particularly in my still life paintings the objects being portrayed are less important in themselves, but provide the starting point to explore the colour, spatial and geometric relationships of the image. I have a particular interest in the interplay of the three dimensional subject with the geometry of the picture plane it is being translated into, and try to bring that quality out in the final painting. I draw all the time, both in the life room and elsewhere, and whatever the subject matter, all my work is based on rigorous drawing and the expressive use of colour to describe the form'

For an exhibition history please see my CV page, and please look at the gallery for examples of my work.

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